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About us

Alvoré is a conscious dating platform, for singles and like-minds to meet and connect on a deeper level, allowing you to open the heart, expand awareness, and express your authentic self.

Connecting with others through group and partnered exercises, using positive relating skills, verbal and non-verbal communication, movement, yoga, and dance, all within a safe, fun and supportive environment.

The events can be an antidote and detox from speed dating and dating apps/sites. When you connect with your soul it’s easier to tune to another person’s energy, bypassing filtered judgements to create genuine magic and synergy.

How is Alvoré different from other conscious dating events?

You’ll gain insights into conscious dating drawing on the philosophy and wisdom of mindfulness, the Law of Attraction and the Power of Now.

Participants will gain exclusive access to an online platform where they can mingle and connect to participants from previous and future Alvoré events.

What does Alvoré mean?

As far as we know the word can’t be found in any known dictionary, so it’s something new and what we create as a collective is how it will be defined.

You can see all our upcoming events and book tickets through our Eventbrite page via the links below


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